Our program introduces the child to a rich variety of learning activities.

Practical Life: The way of teaching includes examples for kids which makes easy in understanding the concept of subject. The moral quality is most important to bring the confidence and the same can be obtained more efficiently via examples of life.

Sensorial: Not just education and providing syllabus knowledge but also important to be sensitive on the present situation, developing common sense from the basic level of education is also a focused area of education.

Language: Language is most important media of explanation and expression of particular, situation, emotion, business and many more values of life. Language is a strongest media to be successful in each and individual life, we are well resourced to teach our kids with the universal language, our patience level is also an added advantage for our kids, our success lies in our kids success, staffs are being trained with the latest teaching techniques and understanding the kid's level of improvement.

The exercises encourage the child to master motor skills and independence in their daily living. Lessons in "Grace and Courtesy" provide for the development of mutual respect and good manners in greetings, waiting ones turn and respect for the work of others.

Our academic focus is to teach the syllabus in a way which will be with examples, practices and meets a defined standards in education. The well resourced faculty of the school has assured high standards of teaching with sensitivity to the satisfied level and needs of students.

Each stage of schooling is carefully constructed, to make a student's journey from one level of school to the next as seamless and rewarding as possible.

The Complete curriculum will be updated soon; however you may contact us directly for more information on curriculum.